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How to create Chamet Agency?

How to Become Chamet Agent?

If you want to become Chamet Agent, work at home and earn a good commission, you are able to take Chamet Agency these days following these steps:

chamet agency become chamet agent

Should you want to create and open up Chamet Agency, you are going to register by this link and fill out all required information.

Visit this website link or perhaps the button to start fill chamet agent registration.

chamet a1

chamet agency dahsboard image

Chamet provides an agency dashboard management system to you personally, that will help you monitor and control your agency, when you authenticate with your chamet agent login you find :

  1. Bind or Edit your Payment bank informations.
  2. Bind / Ad new Hosts and New Sub-Agents
  3. Monitor your hostesses, worked hours and check earnings on a regular basis.
  4. Monitor your percentage ratio’s development.
  5. Get the latest news an notifications relate solely to Chamet Agency work, or changes on Chamet Mobile App.

Login to Chamet Agency Dashboard

This is the spot where you does all of the administration work of one’s chamet agency. Should you want to login to your Chamet agent management system ( ) use your username + Password :

Chamet authenticate page

There are 2 techniques to include Hostesses to your Chamet company and work under you.

If your host is bound to your chamet agency and her account is ready to work, she can start working to earn cash on Chamet app.

Make certain she use a great profile picture, bio an standing. and all sorts of of this must be following Chamet standards & rules.

Start the job :

From the homepage of Chamet app, she’ll find Live button

chamet zin how to work

chamet zin how to work

When she clicks on Live button, her front camera will be turned-on and users can see her. Now users gonna start calling her.

Incoming calls will be connecte automatically and start chatting with the caller on video.

The greater time she devote to the phone call the greater your host will earn money.

She can check her earnings on Profile > My earning

chamet zin my earn page

chamet zin bind dlocal

Chamet payout method for agents depends on your country. You will find at least one of those depending on your country :

The full-time point of settlement ( Cut off ) is every Monday at 5:00 am (UTC+8)

What you earn from Monday to Sunday, is paid the following Thursday.

This means Chamet deliver your commission every Thursday automatically, so you have to do nothing being an Agent. Additionally, Chamet almost deduct The Beans from hostesses accounts after the payment sending.


When you invite your hostesses, you must force them to finish the face recognition payment mechanism and confirm the exclusive account ASAP or they can’t receive their earns, and you as an agent you can not get your commission from them until they confirm all.

how can i know my unconfirmed hostesses ?

Please see the screenshot at the bottom, click on the hostess list after look for each line is it verified or not (right).
if not you must contact them by WhatsApp or inform them.

confirmation account and face recognition

1.200 Beans/Minute.
(Girls can change the Chat Price as they wish)
10.000 Beans = $1

Beans Income ($)
100.000 $10
200.000 $20
300.000 $30
400.000 $40
500.000 $50
1.000.000 $100
1.500.000 $150
2.000.000 $200

Agency Commission is based on the total weekly revenue (Hosts salaries + Sub-agents revenue) :

Total Weekly Revenue
(hosts + sub-agents)
Commission Ratio %
< $ 150 0 %
$ 150 5 %
$ 500 10 %
$ 1.500 15 %
$ 5.000 20 %
$ 15.000 22 %
$ 50.000 24 %
$ 150.000 26 %
$ 500.000 28 %
$ 1.500.000 30 %

Any secrets ?

Your revenue will grow by increasing the number of sub-agents, which is Chamet most significant feature.

By inviting new Sub-agents to join your team, you get higher weekly earnings, which means a higher commission ratio!

After creating your dashboard on Chamet and becoming a new Chamet official Agent, you can easily sen your own link to ask
other people who wish to work, use Chamet, and get their dashboard.

You can find your invitation link for Agents here:

chamet zin subagent page

Your commission rate as an Agent / Recruiter is based on the total revenue generated by hosts and sub-agents in your agency.


Your commission % will be determined each week depending on the total revenue of your agency.

Exemple :

  • Let’s say you have 4 sub-agents.
  • The first one, his total income is 1500$ so her ratio is 15%.
  • The Second, his income is 500$ so his ratio is 10%.
  • The Third, his income also 500$ so his ratio is 10%.
  • The Forth, his income is 5000$ so his ratio is 20%.

Moreover, let’s say you have no girls, just sub-agenst. Here is the calculation of your Commission:

The total Revenue of you and your sub-agents is 1500+500+500+5000=7500$, so your ratio is 20%.

  • Then your commission from each sub-agent is like this :
  • The First sub-agent : 20%15% = 5% x 1500=75$,
  • The Second : 20%10% = 10% x 500=50$.
  • The Third : 20%10% = 10% x 500=50$.
  • The Forth : 20%20% = 0$, no commission from him.

Thus, as a whole, you will have a 75+50+50+0= 175$ commission from these sub-agents and you have to do nothing.

If you have direct Hosts additionally and so they earned 1500$, as well as your existing commission proportion, is 20% since what we mentioned formerly.
Therefore, you will get a 1500 x 20%=300$ commission from your own Hosts part.

Your income will grow by increasing the number of sub-agents, that is Chamet most crucial feature.

We would like to finish by giving you a GOLDEN ADVICE, starting your Chamet Agency requires to work smart, a lot of people open new
agency with Chamet but they are not really good at it, because they don’t know how to manage their Agency and make it Profitable.

  • Follow this road map after creating your Chamet Agency :
  • 1 – First 2 weeks : Focus on Recruiting 20-30 Hosts during the first week, and make sure they are active everyday and explain
    to them Policies, (what they have to do & what they don’t).
  • 2 – During the 3th & 4th week : Start recruiting Sub-agents, and explain to them everything honestly. But Also keep recruiting Hosts.
    (You can hire someone to do that for you)
  • 3 – By the end of the first Month : You need to reach this target ( 70 Hosts – 30 sub-agents )
    keep in mind that your commission will grow week after week.
If you follow this process (for 3 months) you will be able to reach $500 – $ 1500 commission weekly.

You can improve your Earnings by repeating the same process.

This screenshot is one of a Chamet Agents weekly earnings commission :

chamet zin agent earning commission table

Please Read all Chamet Agency Rules and policies related to Popchat agent work, Hostesses work, commission, salaries. You can download this PDF :

– How much will I earn from Chamet ?

Different commission ratios are depending on the total weekly revenue of your Chamet agency. if you have 20-30 hostess then you can earn
good commission from chamet.

look at the section 6- settlement and payment

– How to withdraw Agency commission ?

As an Agent, Chamet will send to you your earnings automatically every Thursday – if the amount is minimum $10, if not, it will be accumulated
with the next cycle (nothing lost)

– Chamet Agent receive (commission + salaries) OR ONLY commission ?

It depend on the agent’s country.

Agents from INDIA & EGYPT : Commission + Girls Salaries.

Agents from other countries : ONLY agency commission. (salaries are sent by chamet directly to each girl “hostess”)

– What is Payment method for Chamet Agents ?

Chamet payout method for agents depends on the agent country, (you will find at least one of them depending on your country) :